The construction of universe

     The basic component of universe is time and space. The motion of space forms substance, while basic partied is only the stable status of space motion. The motion of space is carried out with space-wave (basically is matter wave). One space-wave acts on another space-wave but transmit energy with particle form. Space-wave is the dynamic deformation of space; while dynamic deformations have different construction, thus form different substance state. Basic particle is part of these states. That is to say, substance is only a dynamic construction of space. While each structure can be described by an information structure. That is to say it is not only an information structure by also an information processing system. When two different structure act on each other, they mutually act as input and processing system. Of course, if one structure (A) is far bigger than the other (B), we usually look B as A¡¯s input, while look A as processing system. Our brain is a very complicated structure; our consciousness is the information structure of our brain. It is an advanced information processing system.
    As me know that light has two attributes: wave and particle. But what does the wave refer to? And what the particles refer to? Substance exists in space-wave form. Space-wave goes forward in all possible directions. There is no other different ¡°light¡± wave exist. Energy transmits in space-wave form, it is called ¡°light¡± wave. But in fact photon doesn¡¯t exist. It is looked as particle only in energy exchange. That is to say: when there is no energy exchange, there is no photon. Actually, none particles real be. Substance exists only in space-wave; it is looked as particle only when you test it (when energy exchange). In macroscopic human beings also exist in space-wave form. He is real only when you see him.
Existence is a relative conception. When one object influence on another object (no matter when and where), we can say one object exist relatively to the other. When one object does not influence on the other, this object does not exist relatively to other. Only when this object influence on the other one does this object change to existence. The past of this object also changes to existence. This comprehension of existence can explain Copenhagen problem of quantum theory.
    When several particles form an atom, we can¡¯t regard these basic particles as separate particles. It is entirely an atom. That is to say this atom is a whole object. It has specific property that the particles formed it don¡¯t have only knowing what it is composed of, we don¡¯t indeed acknowledge it. What is important is to know how it is composed of. For example: (look the picture below)
       * *
     * * *
    Can you say how many ¡°*¡± it is composed of? Actually it is a triangle. No matter what character change ¡°*¡± to, it is still a triangle. Of course, it is a triangle formed by several characters. But the characters don¡¯t have the property of the triangle. Triangle here is a whole concept. When I delete the picture above, can you tell how many ¡°*¡± I deleted? No! That is to say the whole structure has the information which it¡¯s component part don¡¯t have.
Consciousness is a whole conception. It is the property of the whole human being. If we dissect human being to cells, we can¡¯t find consciousness. Any substance system has its consciousness. Its consciousness exists in the motion of its structure.
    When you eat an apple, you don¡¯t take it actually. You only take in the molecules of the apple. You can¡¯t absorb in the apple. You can only absorb in the molecule of the apple. You not only absorb in the substance but also the consciousness of the molecule. In fact they are same thing. Substance can be eaten, so does consciousness. In fact substance and consciousness are the same thing.
                        ------ Changxin
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