The principle of advantage

     For millions of years, life evolution benefit race extend and it¡¯s development. (It is called the principle of advantage chiefly). Otherwise, life can¡¯t survive. But the principle of advantage is not a absolute advantage. It is a probability advantage. It can only adapt the most common situation. It is the reflection of life adapt to the environment. It is a very simple advantage. It is an inefficient advantage.
    Human beings are controlled by the principle of advantage without exception. So does his inborn instinct or later develop. It is merely that human beings have larger changeable figure. Everyone has different principle of advantage. He regards the principle of himself beneficial. Nevertheless, in some situation the principle is not beneficial definitely. For example, the horror mind of human toward danger is part of the principle. It can help people escape far from danger. But sometimes people have to confront danger. Overcoming the horror in mind can indeed help people get rid of the danger. At this time, the horror mind is an obstacle.
    Common people have a relatively reaction mode. It is decided by the principle of advantage completely. But the principle can¡¯t suit all kinds of situations. Furthermore, most of it is not rational. Because the principles of people have large changeable property, we can change the reaction by training and make it more rational. Then how does the principle is gradually formed through the rational understand to the world (include himself) of the people. That is to say, the disadvantage factor of the principle is caused by people¡¯s incomplete (incorrect) understand of the world. Thus we know, that we should have a correct understanding to the world. And we should do things according by correct understanding. This right reaction will become part of the principle of advantage day after day.
    Don¡¯t think that most of people have a correct knowledge of the world. On the contrary, most people have a wrong recognize, even reverse. They are submerged in the mass the world. Most of people can¡¯t find the truth of matter; they usually see the surface of the matter. Therefore, they naturally have a superficial understanding of the matter. And the advantage principle of them can¡¯t be correct, either. But almost none of people would admit this point.                           They take it for granted that they themselves are correct.
    Well, then, what recognition is right? I have clarified the formation of the nature in "the construction of universe". Here I want to talk about some common questions about the world and human. People will be happy if they fulfill their wish, and they will be sad if the wish is disillusioned. But what is happiness or pain? It is completely the people¡¯s inner reaction to the environment. But why react like that? Completely not! Because all finish or disillusion of wish is past thing, it should not have bad influence on your present or future. Of course good influence may be remained. Such reaction is just correct.
    Thus we can conclude: What has happened is what should have happened. This sentence has two meaning. One meaning is that what has happened can¡¯t be changed anymore. Since it has happened, it has the cause of why it happened. So if must happen. The other meaning is that it happened according to our imagination, so it must happen. To fulfill this is not very easy. We should have enough understanding of the world and the ability of seizing the opportunity. We should control the environment by making use of the strength of the environment. In fact, ¡°What happened is what should have happened¡± is based on the theory ¡°Existence is the truth¡±.
    We can change our reaction to the environment through psychology practice. We can change our opinion about the visionary world through deep understanding of the world¡¯s truth. Thus we can alter our mind and finally make our inner mind don¡¯t change with outer environment. We must make our mind not to be the slave of the outer world. And further we can control the outer world with our inner mind. This step: Inner mind is the slave of outer worldà Inner mind isn¡¯t the slave of outer worldà Inner mind is the host of outer world. It can lead us from the realm of necessity to the world of freedom. This step is a convenient or inconvenient procedure. We should first do things complying with the environment, then acknowledge and grasp the environment gradually, finally control the environment. (Of cause, we can¡¯t control thoroughly.). Convenient is for inconvenient, inconvenient is in convenient. Therefore, we can conclude: In nature we have convenient and inconvenient, we should push the boat along with the current in order to take advantage of an opportunity.