On bird-hunter

    The bird-hunter tied the string to one of the bird's legs and then said: "Look! The bird doesn¡¯t want to fly. At all."
    Someone asked him, "If it is so, why not try to untie the string and let's see?"
    The bird-hunter looked ashamed and slipped away quietly.

Bird in the cage

    Someone said to the bird feeder, "The bird looks too pity in the cage. Let it go."
    The bird feeder said, "Yes. When I bought it, it was still very young. But now it is old. We shall give it freedom."
    So the bird feeder opened the cage. But the pitiful bird could not fly any more since it was used to being caged. Pitiable bird! Pitiable bird!

    Mountain road

    An old man came down from the mountain and met several people who were going up to the mountaintop.
    They asked the old man, "Is there any beautiful scenery on the top?"
    The old man answered, "Nothing but several shabby temples. Better return!"
    When they heard this, they said, "Let's go and have a look. This old fellow!"
    The old man swayed his head and went on his way and met another group of people. They asked him, "Is it beautiful up there?"
    He answered," Nothing but several shabby temples. Better return!"
    And they said," This old guy is lying!"
    The old man could do nothing but go on his way.
    A couple of lovers asked him with high interest, "It must be very beautiful up there?"
    The old man was not willing to let them depressed and replied, "Good! Good! Very beautiful there!"
    The couple said happily, "Thank you!" and went on to the top.

    Who is mad?

     There was a normal man among a group of madmen. He always did things in a different way, and those madmen all thought they were normal and treated this guy as the only mad man.

    When one is upset

    When you are troubled by social affairs and feel upset and don¡¯t know what to do, just try to quiet down and think carefully over what is up surging in you inner heart? And Why not try to realize it?

    Should be

    What has happened is what should have happened.

    No title

    Sorrow and happiness are nothing but a kind of feeling. When you feel you are happy, you ARE happy; when you believe that you are in sorrow, you will be in great sorrow.

    Psychological factor

    You can achieve what you believe you can achieve.

    Self-respect and vanity

    One cannot make others respect him if he has no Self-respect. But too much Self-respect means vanity. Most people are vanity. So people are warned: Don't try to lighten other's dirt with your splendor, for they need to protect their own Self-respect. But "The Art of War" warns us: to tackle those people with high Self-respect, you should disesteem him, anger him, make him insane and attack him on his mistakes. So when you confront those who are too self-respect, if you don¡¯t want to make him angry you are take the former method, if you want to defeat him you can take the latter method. Thus we can conclude that none self-respect is absolutely a defect; too self-respect is also absolutely a defect.


    Real confidence comes from what has been tested through practice. Blindfold self-confidence just means arrogance. Most people think what other people are doing are the things simple enough while what he himself is doing is the most difficult thing. Only when he is asked to do what other people are doing can they realize that those things were not what he expected.

    From "Don't give it to other people if you don't want it yourself"

    Everybody says "Don't give it to other people if you don't want it yourself". But, isn't "you don't want it" that other man doesn't want it? Obviously it is wrong. Of course, what one wants may not be what other people want. So, we should say: What other people don't want, don't give it to them; what other people want, first give it to them.

    Far to horizon and close at hand

    Most people have very beautiful hope and longing. Some are realistic and others are unrealistic. Some hope is beautiful is just because it is far away from us. Once we go near it is not beautiful definitely. Beautiful things close at hand can usually be neglected. And they are not treasured. Therefore, the sunset clouds at horizon are of course beautiful, they are beautiful is because they are far to horizon; the green land near our body is just prettier.

    What is zero, one and two?

    Zero represents for a kind of balance of matter. It is a reference point. It represents for none of matter. We also use it to represent for none of none. ¡­. Therefore, we must make it clear that the zero represents for none of which level. Opposite to none is having. A low level have and none in existence must be founded on its high level have base. A high level none means its low level having has no significance. A high level have doesn¡¯t means whether or not its low level have or none in existence.
    One is the basic deviation from zero. It is the smallest a mount that deviate from balance. One is the basic unit of matters in existence. It represent for the most basic have. One and zero are both relative. If one becomes new balance point, it will become a new zero.
    Two is the smallest state number of the colorful world. If there is only one state in world, there will be only a balance state and only zero in the world. The world is various is just because we have basic states that are bigger then (or equal to) two basic states.

What is substance?

    The quiet vacuum is the balance point of the substance world that is similar to zero. It is the space movement that produced substance. To be more exact, space movement is just substance, substance is space movement. It can also be interpreted, as movement is substance, substance is movement. The ability of space movement is energy. Space is full of various movements while vacuum is the balance point of these movements. There exists gravitation between movements that is decided by styles of movement. In another word, it is decided by the inter-influence of two movements. The stable existence of basic portside¡¯s movement is just the stable state of the space.

    What is consciousness?

    To make clear what is consciousness, we should make clear what is information system first. Information system is a space structure which has the ability to process information received. It can output some results (of course it may not be output) the so-called consciousness is a kind of advanced information processing system.

    God is a gambler

    God makes everything in the universe runs on probability.

    God is a great programmer

    Our whole universe is just like a huge computer, and God makes software in which substance and movement principles are defined. God started the software and the universe was born. If it happened God was not happy, and put off the power of the computer, the universe would disappear.

    Is there any substance?

    Why we think that there is substance is because we can directly or indirectly feel it. But when we think it over, it seems that we can only be sure the information that features substance exists. As to the substance itself, we don't know whether it exists, and it doesn't seem so important. So we can only say the information that features the substance exists. In fact, I think only the information exists! That is to say, substance is information that features it. Therefore, there¡¯s no conflict between substance and information. Because substance is a kind of information organized by certain rules. Thus we must indeed find out how those rules organized, are they have a procedure of evolution etc. From here we can find out: Substance is a kind of space structure. Consciousness is also a kind of space structure. They are actually the same thing.

    What is existence?

    Generally speaking, no matter when and where, direct or indirect, what perception touch is what is in existence. To be more exact: "If one thing influences the other, we say it exists relatively to the other.¡± Existence is a relative concept.


    Existence is truth.

    Which comes first, substance or consciousness?

    When material things are not enough, people will first consider basic material conditions for living. So substance decides consciousness. But, when information era comes and material things are rich enough, people won't consider so much about basic surviving problems. You can get what you can think of. So thinking will become the most important thing. So, at this time, consciousness decides substance.